Catches hair is wavy dark ginger/ pale brown hair with pale ginger and blonde high lights tied into a low side swept ponytail, she also has two braids on the top of her hair but she often doesn't and she just wears viking helmet.

Her helmet looks like a ordinary viking helmet except the silver rim has lines seperating each spiral symbol and one of the horns.


Dagur The DerangedEdit

When Dream Catcher was eight her fathers home was burnt down by a dragon. She later found out about The Beserkers and dedicated herself to become a good soldier, however, she wasnt very strong by nature so she decided to learn how to become a archer.

She became a astonishing archer in no time and Dagur took her in as one of The Beserkers they became quite good fighting partners, .She is quite loyal to him but sometimes doesn't agree with his killing methods but she is also slightly scared of him knowing what he is capable of.